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Client Testimonial: Extreme Kids & Crew on Equity Consulting Group (ECG)

What challenges brought you to partner with Equity Consulting Group?

Extreme Kids wanted to embed the organization's ideals into the programming from the beginning stages but weren't sure how to set attainable and worthy goals. We'd tried various DEI implementations so often in the past, but we couldn't get universal buy-in from staff in large part because the goals we aimed to reach were too lofty. We needed a firm foundation to build from; Equity Consulting Group supported us and helped us set and meet our goals.

How did ECG help you face your challenges?

Jacobē got to know Extreme Kids as an organization, and she took the time to get to know the staff, which created a group buy-in that made creating goals easier because they were tailored based on our needs and group feedback. She also encouraged the different departments to set attainable goals for themselves and interdepartmentally. The final touch that has made years' worth of difference is that while we were working with Jacobē to create goals, she also helped us create a three-year strategic plan. We were able to align both to address the needs of the other. Thank you, Jacobē, for your help and patience in working in a "whole person" mindset for Extreme Kids.

What stood out to you throughout this process?

What stood out for me was that setting and attaining a small goal was invaluable to building momentum. Once staff saw how easy it was to achieve that goal and implement it into our program/organization/communications/fundraising structure, they were excited to build on that progress and continue the work.

What have you been able to achieve since partnering with ECG?

We are looking at each program, fundraising campaign, event, and communication with a DEI mindset from the beginning while doing the work, and then after it's a complete report on our work. Simply having this mindset shift, we have been able to include DEI goals into our measures of success, more comfortably call out areas that need improvement, and set a standard of excellence for ourselves.

Would you recommend ECG to another institution?

Easy question -- yes, 100%.

What would you tell someone that is considering ECG?

Working with Equity Consulting is significantly more than checking a box. Your organization can change for the better, and learn how to keep moving towards being an antiracist organization if you're willing to work.

How was your institution been impacted from partnering with ECG?

I think Extreme Kids is more confident having discussions centered on race, and it has informed how we talk about intersectionality.

How was your experience working with ECG throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Because of the pandemic, we worked with Jacobē virtually throughout the year. I wish we could have been in-person to help engage folks differently, but I felt the sessions were thorough and easy to schedule.


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