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Client Testimonial: Danielle West-Augustin, CEO of The Queen City Academy Charter School


Equity Consulting Group has been a valued partner for our school organization. Equity originally helped us to design our curriculum with a very culturally relevant lens. It was really important for us as a school community to honor our school’s mission and vision which was making sure that student’s cultures and who they are as individuals is honored and highlighted in our curriculum. Equity helped us to do just that. In the first year of our curriculum implementation, we saw tremendous growth in our scholar’s performance on our end of the year state level assessments but more importantly we saw authentic engagement begin to occur in our classrooms so long gone were the days of our teachers reading through a text and having our students answer the questions around comprehension. Instead our students begin to engage with the text and analyze how that text might be applicable to their own lived experience. I cannot say enough about the thought partners and the authentic lens that Equity walked into our space with to help us to design such a curriculum while making sure that they remain scholar focus. Without a doubt I would recommend Equity Consulting for anyone that is looking to make sure that students lived experiences are at the center of all that you do around curriculum planning instructional support and even the support of the adults as the Equity team has truly helped us to transform what it is our cultures do on a day to day basis and to think strategically about how to make impact. It is for that reason that I fully recommend Equity Consulting Group to anyone that may be looking to transform their learning community.


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