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What We Do


Equity Consulting Group is a collective working towards the academic growth and social consciousness of urban schools, in order to create equity and justice for all students. We apply our expertise in building the capacity of teachers and orienting leaders to systemic change and aligning mindsets steeped in cultural responsiveness. We support school communities, districts, and nonprofits in overcoming entrenched barriers to reaching their goals through transformational pedagogy, curriculum, culture, and strategic leadership interventions. 


We have a deliberate focus on maintaining the integrity of the cultural reality of each client, which includes building the cultural capital of teachers and leaders at large. Through a customized and collaborative process, we adopt a number of roles (e.g., thought partner, facilitator, instructor, auditor) in order to establish a foundation for the work. 



In both schools and organizations:


Provide an objective overview of the organization, organizational culture, policies, practices, and instructional content.

Conversation: Interview key stakeholders and constituents in the form of co-generative dialogues or focus groups in order to obtain substantive feedback.

Documentation: Examine documents, resources, or structures keeping in mind the stated needs, goals, and aspirations of the organization. 

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Observation: observe classrooms, teacher practice, staff/administrative meetings.
Cultivate or curate a set of suggested ideas based on the noted patterns or trends within the organization. 

Action Plan: Design a strategic plan for addressing noted needs within the organization. 


We partner with organizational leaders to improve the efficacy and outcomes of team members. 


For schools, we provide in-depth 1:1  instructional coaching rooted in stronger outcomes for students and learning environments that are affirming. 

  • Pre-plan, observe and debrief lessons with teachers. 

  • Provide team-based coaching rooted in antiracist and culturally relevant pedagogy. 

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  • Provide feedback and revision suggestions on the teaching curriculum.

For organizations, we provide 1:1 or small group coaching for those who need a thought partner on systems, structures, and policies through an antiracist lens.

Equitable Policy

Schools & Organizations:

  • Conduct an audit of provided organizational materials with the intended outcome of noting strengths and opportunities. 

  • Examine current institutional policies with a lens of anti-racism (e.g., ensuring the current structures extend beyond DEI lip service).

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  • Provide suggestions and revisions to current policies through direct suggestions and feedback as solicited from key constituents.

  • Build the capacity and readiness to make revisions or adjustments to curriculum and/or policy with an eye towards anti-racism through workshops, institutes, and 1:1 coaching

Workshops & Institutes

One-off workshops lack effectiveness and impact, and as such are incongruent with our mission of systemic change. Instead, we partner with clients who want a program of development and/or ongoing support to better meet the needs of their organization.

  • Design customized institutes using principles of adult learning (PAL) grounded in culturally responsive practices.

  • Create customized workshop series or an in-depth institute rooted in anti-racist and culturally 

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relevant thought based upon a school or organization’s learning needs. 

  • Create customized workshops based upon a school or organization’s specific needs.

  • Collaborate with organizational leaders and constituents to design learning plans for workshops/institutes that are relevant to the stated learning needs, aspirations, and outcomes.

Curriculum Design & Assessment

For schools, we design a culturally responsive curriculum that meets the needs of your school community.


  • Conduct an audit of current curricular materials with the intended outcome of noting strengths and opportunities. 

  • Provide suggestions and ongoing feedback related to how one might revise or adjust curricular content with an eye toward culturally responsive practices and prospective anti-racist practices.

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As part of a comprehensive needs assessment, major curricular materials are reviewed for rigor, diversity, and accessibility.

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