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Chapters in Book, in Press:


  • Macchia, M. & Porcher, K. (2019). Rough waters of resistance: Black instructional coaches impacted by implicit bias. L. Roberts, A. Mayo & D. Thomas (Eds.), Harvard Business Review Press.

Ramkellawan, R. (2019). Product not process: Developing formative assessment practices to encourage student metacognition. C.Martin & R. Lambert (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Formative Assessment in Pre-K through Elementary Classrooms. 


Peer-Reviewed Articles, in Press:


  • Ramkellawan-Arteaga, R. (Fall 2020). Just because we look alike, doesn’t mean we are all the same. Examining the definition of Indo-Caribbean Identity through a third space lens. Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Study. 

  • Porcher, K. (2020). “I don’t have the answers Sway!”: Teaching 6-12 literacy methods course using an inquiry model of instruction. New Jersey English Journal.

  • Porcher, K., Michael, A. & Mir, C. (2020). Community-engaged teacher education: Redesigning programs to redistribute power and privilege to the community. The Practitioner Journal of the National Association for Professional Development Schools.

  • Ramkellawan, R. (Fall 2018). Profile of a critical pedagogue. English Record (Final publication pending)

  • Ramkellawan, R. & Bell, J. (2017). Raising the bar: Using coaching conversations to address issues of low expectations for students in urban settings. The Educational Forum 81(4) p. 377-390

  • Ramkellawan, R. & Roberts, S. K. (2008). Creating a space for diversity: Incorporating Indo-American literature into the high school canon. SIGNAL: A Journal of the International Reading Association, 31, (2), 2-8. Selected as the opening article for the themed issue on Pairings: Connecting YAL to Itself to the Canon.

Peer-Reviewed Articles, under Review

  • Porcher, K. & Bertrand, S. (in progress). Neighborhood Nip: Exposing preservice teachers to the conditions & assets of the community.

  • Porcher, K.  & Austin, T. (under review). “Black Women are the Mules of the World”: Black women professors of practice in teacher education programs. Journal of African American Women and Girls in Education.

  • Porcher, K. (under review). Teaching while Black: Best practices for engaging white preservice teachers in discourse focused on individual & cultural diversity.

  • Porcher, K., Ramkellawan, R. & Bell, J.  (in progress). Let’s get critical: An examination of three teachers’ attempts to embed critical racial literacy in their classrooms.

Chapters in Books, under Review

Austin, T., Porcher, K., Curran, M., Pelaez, J., DePaola, J. & Raffaelli, L. (accepted). Urban Social Justice Teacher Education: Community-Engaged Experiences and Impact. Teachers College Press.

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